Gay Themed Films

Here on this page, we’ll discuss a handful of superior gay-themed films – some of which you may never ever heard of. We believe all of them are worth seeking out. While we’re on the subject, stay tuned for a review on a work in progress (The Long & Winding Road) about JJ Abernathy’s work in progress on the experiences of a straight a social security disability attorney in Illinois and his attempts to get justice for a gay client. The film looks at the very intense anti-gay atmosphere in the court system from the view point of an ssdi lawyer named Barnaby Miles. The players are all real people, real lawyers from an actual law firm, and the story is a first hand account of an actual lawsuit following an accident injury in 1998 in which someone was critically injured and made a legitimate claim for social security disability insurance.



Directed by Stephen Frears, My Beautiful Laundrette does an admirable job of regulating homosexuality to an incidental occurrence, rather than making it the central theme. A UK-residing Pakistani, with the help of his white lover (played by a young Daniel Day Lewis) becomes proud managers of a run down laundrette, and do all to make it – and their lives – all that it can be.



Directed by Stephen Daldry, The Hours is a wonderfully understated, quietly moving film about three generations of women, all struggling with being true to themselves. Turning in pitch perfect performances are Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore and an amazing Nicole Kidman.



This Argentinian film, directed by Marcelo Pineyro, stars Eduardo Noriega II (OPEN YOUR EYES, THESIS) and Leonardo Sbaraglia (INTACTO, THE CITY OF NO LIMITS) who play lovers on the run after a botched robbery attempt. This beautiful film is based on a true case in 1965, and the performances are mind-blowing. This is a sophisticated, erotic, exciting masterpiece of a film that is worth seeking out.



Directed by Todd Haynes, this Douglas Sirk-inspired film is as revelation of color, composition and style. Set in the 1950s, the film stars Julianne Moore, Dennis Quaid, Dennis Haysbert and Patricia Clarkson. While Julianne Moore’s housewife struggles with her burgeoning romantic feelings for her black gardener, her husband (Dennis Quaid) has a sexual identity struggle all his own. Its high melodrama, and highly charged. Not to mention gorgeous to look at.



THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (1975).  This one’s a no-brainer to make this list.  Best when viewed at one of the legendary midnight shows that pop up from time to time. The ones that  most of you have heard about but never been to.  Tim Curry flat out rocks as Dr. Frank-N-Furter & everyone is sure to enjoy the show.



MIDNIGHT COWBOY (1969).  Though tame by today’s standards, (but what isn’t) this was the first main stream film to earn an X – rating in theaters due to its “homosexual frame of reference.”  The film is also notable for introducing the line, “I’m walkin’ here!” to pop culture.



DOG DAY AFTERNOON (1975).  A funny, sweaty, exciting drama in which Al Pacino robs a bank to pay for his lover’s sex change operation.  Definitely a classic!

These are only a few of my favorites. There are plenty more to come. If you have never seen some of these movies, you better get to it. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


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