Even More Gay-Themed Films

Here on this page, you’ll find – you’ve guessed it – even more gay-themed films.



Don’t let the title fool you – this is not a documentary about bathhouses. Instead, it’s a love story centered on an Italian businessmen, Francesco, who on business in Istanbul looking after his late aunt’s estate (the Turkish bath of the title) meets – and falls in love with – a Turkish youth, Mehmet. An all-too-rare glimpse into homosexuality in Turkish culture. Directed by Ferzan Özpetek (HIS SECRET LIFE, FACING WINDOWS).



This French telefilm ‘Juste une question d’amour’ is a sensitive, unbiased examinations of how the ‘coming out’ of gay men impacts those that are doing the coming out, but also friends and family.



This Hitchcockian thriller is a nice companion piece to Paul Verhoeven’s THE FOURTH MAN. In this film, which is set in modern day Buenos Aires, Adrian (played by Colin Firth) is a lonely sociopath with strong mother’s fixation. Jack (played by Hart Bochner) is the mysterious man that rents a room from Adrian, who slowly discovers that he’s developing feelings for the new tenant, and said new tenant is hiding something. The twisted movie has it all – deceit, perversion and murder – and is an effective, creepy thriller that packs a satisfying punch of a shocking ending.



There are so many films that are so very closely related to this topic. It has been in our social view for a long time & we are only now coming to terms with it. There are still people right now today who discriminate against people who are different than they are. This is no longer acceptable given what we have learned through the ages. There is no reason a person should be judged negatively because of who they are, who they have grown to be. We hope to help encourage a whole new outlook. One of acceptance that we can all take as our own walking into the future. If even one person continues the path that we are trying so hard to change, it is too many. The children of tomorrow learn form the people who are around them. We really must begin the healing process & stop harboring ill will towards another simply because you are different. It takes all kinds to keep this world spinning around. We are better when we work as a whole rather than allowing petty differences to separate us un-necessarily. Please take some time to help us make the changes we are working towards because if you don’t who will? There is no time like the present to start & no better place than right here.


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